• 11 Python Libraries You Might Not Know

    There are tons of Python packages out there. So many that no one man or woman could possibly catch them all. PyPi alone has over 47,000 packages listed! Recently, with so many data scientists making the switch to Python, I couldn't help but think that while they're getting some of the great benefits of pandas, scikit-learn, and numpy, they're missing out on some older yet equally helpful Python libraries. In this post, I'm going to ...

    Jan 20 2015
    by Greg
  • Running R in Parallel (the easy way)

    Like a lot of folks, I have a love/hate relationship with R. One topic that I've seen people struggle with is parallel computing, or more directly "How do I process data in R when I run out of RAM". But fear not! R actually has some easy to use parallelization packages! Don't let this happen to you! Here's a quick post on doing parallel computing in R. Picking a library My take on parallel computing has ...

    Jan 14 2015
    by Greg
  • Currency Portfolio Optimization Using ScienceOps

    Portfolio optimization is a problem faced by anyone trying to invest money (or any kind of capital, such as time) in a known group of investments. Its most obvious, and common, application is investing in the stock market. Typically, portfolio managers have two competing goals: Maximize return Minimize risk Maximizing return means selecting a group of investments that collectively result in the highest expected yield. Minimizing risk means selecting investments that are most likely to actually result in the yields ...

    Jan 05 2015
    by Ryan J. O'Neil
  • Scraping and Analyzing Baseball Data with R

    We get a lot of emails from people who are interested in analyzing sports data. The usual suspects are moneyball types--SABRmetrics enthusiasts with a love of baseball and a penchant for R. Luckily for us, baseball data is very accessible. The MLB even goes as far as to make low level details on every pitch publicly available. In this post, I'm going to show you how you can scrape your own baseball data in R and then use it ...

    Dec 23 2014
    by Greg
  • Reducing your R memory footprint by 7000x

    R is notoriously a memory heavy language. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing--R wasn't built to be super performant, it was built for analyzing data! That said, there are times when there are some implementation patterns that are quite...redundant. As an example, I'm going to show you how you can prune a 330 MB glm to 45KB without losing significant functionality. -----> Let's trim the R fat Le Model Our model is going ...

    Dec 17 2014
    by Greg
  • Naive Bayes in Python

    Naive Bayes classification is a simple, yet effective algorithm. It's commonly used in things like text analytics and works well on both small datasets and massively scaled out, distributed systems. How does it work? Naive Bayes is based on, you guessed it, Bayes' theorem. Think back to your first statistics class. Bayes' theorem was that seemingly counterintuitive lecture on conditional probability. I've tried to buy this on multiple occasions, but to no avail :(. Please email me if you ...

    Dec 11 2014
    by Greg
  • Introducing db.r

    If you follow our blog and you've read 10 R packages I wish I knew about earlier, you might remember package #5, the database driver of your choice. I think one of the reasons why many people avoid the R database packages and instead steadily collect piles upon piles of CSVs is that the R database packages aren't really all that user friendly. They can feel a little overwhelming--especially if you're the kind of person who's ...

    Dec 04 2014
    by Greg
  • How Yhat Does Cloud Balancing: A Case Study

    If you're reading this, you're probably aware that we at Yhat offer a public sandbox where anyone can try out our ScienceOps product without charge. Giving potential customers the chance to try out and evaluate our products is an important tool for generating new business. What may not be obvious are the logistical challenges behind such an offering. This post will address some of those challenges, along with operational modeling techniques we use to solve them. Specifically, we ...

    Nov 10 2014
    by Ryan J. O'Neil

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How Yhat Does Cloud Balancing: A Case Study

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