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  • Rodeo 1.1 - Markdown, Autoupdates, Feedback

    by Colin | Nov 20 2015

    The Rodeo 1.1 release, including Markdown pdf rendering

  • Write for the Yhat blog

    by Elise | Nov 05 2015

    A blogpost inviting you to write a blogpost

  • How we built Rodeo with Electron

    by Greg | Oct 28 2015

    How we built Rodeo, an IDE for data science.

  • Rodeo 1.0: a Python IDE on your Desktop

    by Greg | Oct 12 2015

    A Python IDE for Data Science on your Desktop

  • ScienceCluster Meets Spark

    by Elise Breda | Oct 02 2015

    Integrating ScienceCluster with Spark

  • ScienceCluster: Same Tools, Better Workplace

    by Elise Breda | Sep 23 2015

    ScienceCluster: We don’t want to change the way you work. We just want to make it better.

  • Sharks, Landsharks, Geoplotting, and KDTrees!

    by Colin Ristig | Sep 14 2015

    Swimming with Sharks! An intro to Geoplotting with Python

  • Customer Segmentation in Python

    by Greg | Aug 25 2015

    Using K-Means clustering to analyze your customer base.

  • The Code Behind Building a FiveThirtyEight post

    by Greg | Jul 20 2015

    Dissecting a FiveThirtyEight post on baseball payrolls and wins.

  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty: An Introduction to Robust Optimization (Part 2)

    by Saba Neyshabouri | Jul 16 2015

    Part 2 of an introduction to robust optimization and how to deal with uncertainty.

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